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TAXII (dir. Arunjit Borah)

Foreign Crime Thriller

Trippy: A Mis En Scene by Kanya Iwana

Silent Comedy


  • Cana Heights (Trailer, Teen Drama)

  • IMAN (Promotional video, Non-Profit Organization)

  • Rats in the Office (Short film, Dark Comedy)

  • Trippy (Short Film, Silent Comedy)

  • Blasted (Short Film, Post-Apocalyptic Musical)

  • Finale (Short Film, Drama)

  • Because the ceiling split my head in two (Short Film, Drama)

  • The Blustery Day (Short Film, Fantasy)

  • And then you left (Short Film, Romantic Drama)

  • Memento mori (Short Film, Fantasy)

  • Taxii (Short Film, Foreign Crime thriller)

  • Shrink! (Short Film, Romantic drama)

  • Second Chance (Short Film, Drama)

  • You Are dreaming (Short Film, Art)

  • The curse (Short Film, Supernatural Thriller)





I am a composer based in Los Angeles, CA, US specializing in Orchestral and World music. Being exposed to 90’s Disney films in my childhood led me to music at a very young age. Some of my earliest musical heroes were Hans Zimmer, Elton John, and Phil Collins. I have since fallen in love with the works of Christopher Tin, Two Steps from Hell, and the late James Horner, among others as my compositional voice continues to morph. I formerly worked at Remote Control Productions and had the pleasure of learning from the very talented, wonderful human beings there.

Professional Affiliation: Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI)


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