Brandi Thomas (Composer)

Brandi Thomas is a composer based in Los Angeles, CA. She was inspired to take piano lessons in second grade after watching The Lion King, and the rest is history. Brandi is a self taught composer who has worked with filmmakers across the United States and abroad, and also completed an internship with Remote Control Productions in May 2017. Through her music and compositions for film, Brandi is inspired by her desire to give people an escape from reality, and transport them to a world where anything is possible and limits do not exist. She believes that music has the power to unite us, and loves to incorporate various cultural elements into her music whenever she can.

                          Twitter: @BrandiCThomas
                           IG: @brandithomasmusic 


Jackie Phillips (Graphic Designer)

Jackie Phillips is driven by that sweet feeling you get when you know the colors are just right and the image takes on a life of its own. She launched her LA based art studio Precious Beast in December 2010 and, soon after, expanded into graphic design and creative direction, relying on her keen eye to cultivate fresh and dynamic imagery. Self-taught and armed with tools in nearly every color of the rainbow, Jackie approaches her work pattern first and color second, always in search of the perfect balance of whimsy and pop. Her original designs, manifesting in a wide range of styles and mediums, can be seen all over the world. 

IG: @preciousbeast 
FB: /mypreciousbeast